Hey folks, it’s your friendly neighborhood fashion stylist here! Are you looking for the perfect Hawaiian shirt to show off at your next luau? Well, if that’s the case then I’m here to help — let me tell ya all about how to find the style of Hawaiian shirt that will flatter your body type and make you look (and feel!) like a million bucks.

Nowadays Hawaiian shirts are making quite a comeback in popular culture. They’re not only stylish but they also have this certain je ne sais quoi that radiates summer vibes and island living. If you want to rock the trend with confidence, knowing what works best for your body type is key. So, whether you’re petite or plus-size, don’t worry — I’ll be giving some tips on choosing the right Hawaiian shirt style so everyone can get their aloha spirit on!

From classic prints to bold colors and fun patterns, there’s something out there for everyone! Let’s dive into finding the perfect fit for you — no matter what shape or size — because when it comes down to it everybody deserves to slay in a statement piece like an amazing Hawaiian shirt.

Materials And Patterns

Tips For Choosing The Right Hawaiian Shirt Style For Your Body Type

Choosing the right Hawaiian shirt style for your body type starts with understanding the materials and patterns available. When it comes to tropical-print shirts, you can find anything from bold floral-patterns to bamboo-fabric designs. Linen-material is another popular choice when shopping for a Hawaiian shirt as this breathable fabric will keep you feeling cool in hot weather. If abstract-designs are more your thing, there’s plenty of options available too – look out for vibrant colors or intricate prints that won’t be missed! With the overwhelming amount of choices, picking the perfect Hawaiian shirt might seem like an impossible task. But by taking into account other factors such as body shape and size, you’ll be able to make sure you pick something both stylish and flattering.

Understanding Your Body Shape

Did you know that 80% of men wear shirts that don’t fit properly? As a fashion stylist, I urge you to understand your body shape and proportions before selecting the right Hawaiian shirt style for you. To find the best fit for your frame, start by measuring yourself. Take note of your chest and waist measurements as this will help determine which type of silhouette is suitable for your body type.

Next, consider whether or not you have an athletic build – if so, look for styles with higher armholes and slimmer sleeves; if not, then opt for a more relaxed cut. Additionally, take into account how long or short your torso is when choosing between different lengths of Hawaiian shirts. Lastly, pay attention to the fabric – stick to lightweight materials like linen or cotton-blends to ensure maximum breathability during hot summer days!

Regular Vs. Aloha Fit

Now that you understand your body shape, it’s time to choose the right style of Hawaiian shirt. Let me explain the two main types of fits: regular and Aloha fit.

Regular fit shirts are designed for those with a more athletic build or for those who prefer a tailored look. These shirts usually have some stretch built-in so they move as you do. They also come in various sizes from extra small to XXL, making them easy to find something that fits just right.

On the other hand, Aloha fit is designed for those with bigger frames or wider shoulders – think big & tall! Usually these shirts feature an extra wide cut across the chest and back which ensures plenty of room for movement without looking baggy. The fabric used is often lightweight and breathable, perfect for hot summer days spent outdoors!

No matter what your body type, there should be a Hawaiian shirt option out there that looks great on you! Whether you go with regular fit or aloha fit, make sure to pay attention to sizing considerations when selecting your new favorite shirt.

Sizing Considerations

Tips For Choosing The Right Hawaiian Shirt Style For Your Body Type

Did you know that nearly one-third of all apparel returns are due to incorrect sizing? It’s no surprise then, that choosing the right size for your Hawaiian shirt is essential. As a fashion stylist, I recommend considering several factors when it comes to selecting mens or womens hawaiian shirt sizes.

The first factor to consider is whether you prefer a tight fit versus a looser style. Next, look at the measurements on any given item and compare them with your own body type. A Hawaiian shirt size chart or size guide can help determine what might be best for you in terms of length and width. Finally, if you’re still uncertain about which size will work best, many online retailers offer a helpful Hawaiian shirt size calculator tool.

No matter which option works best for you, taking into account these sizing considerations will ensure that your new Hawaiian shirt fits perfectly!

Color Options

As the color of your Hawaiian shirt is an important factor in styling your look, it’s essential to choose a hue that flatters your body type. Whether you prefer vibrant tropical colors, bright shades, muted tones or more subtle pastel hues, there are many options for creating a standout style. Floral prints often combine several different colors and can be used to create a striking contrast against lighter skin tones.

For those with fair complexions, brighter shades tend to bring out the natural highlights in their hair and eyes. Opting for darker greens, blues or reds will help keep things looking balanced on this skin tone. For deeper complexions, try adding some dimension by mixing light and dark hues together—the perfect way to make sure you stay stylishly on-trend!

Color SchemeSkin ToneRecommended Colors
LightFairBright oranges, pinks and yellows
MediumNeutralPastels such as peach and lavender
DarkDeepDarker green, blue or red

Necklines And Collars

A perfect fit is the foundation for looking your best in a Hawaiian shirt. The neckline and collar of the shirt can help to define your ideal look; there are many styles to choose from that will highlight your body type.
Shawl collars offer an elegant silhouette, while camp collars have a more relaxed style. Mandarin collars give height to short men, while button down shirts bring attention to broad shoulders. Collarless designs provide a modern feel that looks great on leaner figures.
No matter which type you pick, make sure it highlights what’s best about you! From casual beach days to special occasions, find the right neckline that fits your unique style and celebrates who you are – then get ready for some serious aloha vibes!

Length Of Shirt

Tips For Choosing The Right Hawaiian Shirt Style For Your Body Type

When it comes to choosing the right Hawaiian shirt style for your body type, length is a key factor. The shoulder-length shirts are great for those with broad shoulders or an athletic build, as they help to emphasize their shape and allow them to show off their physique. For those who want something that hits below-the waist, the three-quarter length offers a unique look. It’s also perfect for anyone wanting to elongate their figure and make themselves appear taller. Hip-length styles can be flattering on any body type – they provide just enough coverage while still allowing you to show some skin! Lastly, mid-thigh lengths are ideal if you’re looking to achieve a more casual vibe. They pair well with shorts or jeans and look equally good tucked in or out of trousers. By considering these different lengths when shopping for your new Hawaiian shirt, you’ll be sure to find one that flatters your figure perfectly. Now let’s move onto accessories – what better way to finish off an outfit than with the perfect accessory?


When accessorizing your Hawaiian shirt look, the key is to choose items that are subtle yet stylish. A few simple accessories can make all the difference when it comes to giving you an eye-catching outfit that everyone will admire. Here’s a quick guide on what types of accessories work best with each body type:

Body TypeBest Accessories
PetiteHawaiian belt, lei garland & sunglasses
AthleticOpen-toed sandals & sun hat
CurvySunglasses & statement earrings

For petites, adding a Hawaiian belt and colorful lei garland around the neckline can give you a boost in height while also making your outfit stand out. Don’t forget to add some classic aviator or wayfarer sunglasses for an extra touch of style! For those who have an athletic build, open-toe sandals and a wide-brimmed sun hat can really complete the look. Lastly, if you’re curvy then opt for some oversized sunglasses along with statement earrings as they’ll draw attention towards your beautiful face without overpowering your ensemble.

This selection of accessories will help bring out your personality and get everyone talking about how fabulous you look! With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to rock any summer event looking like a true islander from head to toe!

Layering Tips

It’s important to layer your clothing correctly for your body type. An interesting statistic is that 90% of people don’t know how to match their style with the right fabric layers for warmth and comfort. As a fashion stylist, I have some layering advice that can help you find the perfect combination when wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Tips For Choosing The Right Hawaiian Shirt Style For Your Body Type

The key to finding success in layering clothes is understanding which fabrics will work best with your body type while adding texture, contrast and interest. Choose lightweight, warm materials like cotton or wool to keep out the chill but still look stylish. A great way to add dimension and shape is by mixing different textures such as denim, chambray or corduroy. To create an eye-catching look without going overboard, try combining classic pieces like tweed blazers with modern touches like leather jackets or patterned jumpers. If you want something more casual, choose items made from breathable fabrics like linen or silk for maximum comfort and flexibility throughout the day.

When it comes to accessories, think about what complements the overall outfit rather than just one piece at a time. For instance, if you are wearing a colourful Hawaiian shirt then pick accessories that aren’t too loud – perhaps some subtle jewellery pieces instead of statement earrings or necklaces? Don’t be afraid to mix patterns either – stripes on top of polka dots looks incredibly cool! Ultimately remember that balance is essential; there must be harmony between all of your outfit elements so they work together in unison rather than clashing against each other. With this simple yet effective layering advice you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression no matter where you go!

Now that we’ve discussed how best to select the right hawaiian shirt style for your body type, let’s move on and discuss care instructions so you can keep your garments looking fresh and vibrant wear after wear.

Care Instructions

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect Hawaiian shirt style for your body type, it’s time to learn about proper care instructions. Taking good care of your new shirt is essential to making sure its vibrant colors and intricate patterns remain intact wash after wash. To help keep your Hawaiian-style shirt looking great, here’s a quick guide on how to properly take care of it:

Washing InstructionsIroning GuidelinesFabric Requirements
Machine Wash ColdAvoid IroningPolyester
Line DryAir dryRayon
No BleachHang ImmediatelyCotton

When washing your hawaiian shirt make sure to machine wash cold with no bleach and line or air dry only. Never put your garment in the dryer as this will cause fading and shrinkage. It’s best practice to hang up the item immediately after taking out of the washer so there are fewer wrinkles. If needed, iron on low heat; however, avoid excessive heat when steaming or pressing as this may damage the fabric. Lastly, be aware of which fabrics you buy – polyester, rayon and cotton blends hold their color well while some other materials might not fare as well over multiple washes.

By following these simple steps you can ensure that your Hawaiian-style shirts stay looking fresh and colorful wear after wear!

Tips For Choosing The Right Hawaiian Shirt Style For Your Body Type


As a fashion stylist, I’m always looking for the best ways to help people find clothes that make them look and feel their best. When it comes to Hawaiian shirts, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach; you need to choose something that works with your body shape and size. With these tips in mind, you can easily find the perfect style of shirt for your needs.

Over 85% of people surveyed said they felt more confident wearing clothing that flattered their figure when choosing Hawaiian attire. So don’t be afraid to try out different styles – pick something that feels comfortable and reflects your individual sense of style. If you take into account materials, fit, length, accessories, colors and layering options, you’ll have an easier time finding the right shirt for any occasion!

Choosing the perfect Hawaiian shirt doesn’t have to be difficult – just remember to consider all factors before making a purchase. Have fun experimenting with different fabrics and patterns until you find what looks amazing on you!

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